The Catholic Church of the English Martyrs, Kent

The Catholic Church of the English Martyrs, in Strood, Kent, contacted The Church Heating Specialist when they required an upgrade on their old heating system. The antiquated boilers were becoming increasingly inefficient, and running cost were spiralling out of control. Another issue was the heating up times, as well as lack of zonal controls, which mean the entire church had to be heated even if only one room was required.

Our church heating engineers performed a heat loss calculation and presented their findings to The Historic Churches Commission. Because the building is Grade II listed, it was vital to get approval before any refurbishment work could begin. It was clear that a complete new church heating system installation was required, and once approved, the work began.

In order to fill the church hall and other large open spaces with heat quickly and more efficiently, our engineers opted for Smith’s Caspian Fan Convectors. These heaters were paired with diverter and check valves on the flow and return pipes, meaning they can now all be operated individually via Heatmister controls. The fan convector heaters have successfully eliminated all cold spots of the church, and provide consistent heat throughout. The heaters have all been strategically placed to provide optimum results whilst remaining discreet. Some were also painted so to blend in with it’s surroundings, something the commission was keen on.

The results speak for themselves, a much warmer church, with simple to use zone controls, which has much cheaper running costs and greater efficiency and reliability. Laurence McEvoy from the church, says the work carried out has been excellent, and everyone enjoys their warm, cosy church.

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