The Parish Church of St Anthony of Egypt – Newcastle

The Challange

St Anthony’s church in Newcastle was one of many that had an ageing congregation and was on the verge of closing. The church had not opened its doors for nearly two years due to ongoing maintenance costing and few bums on seats. The church had a big turn around and got involved with the local community and funds was raised to help refurbish the church. 

One of the major issues was the church heating system and little of it. The church boiler had been shut off for years and the church heating system was in a bad state, The old boiler needing replacing along with its controls. 

The Solution

After completing the church heating loss calculation it was decided to install a floor standing Potterton Compact Derwent providing the church with 126kw of heat.

The church heating was boosted by installing foil back Kingspan insulation in the existing trench to prevent the heat loss in the ground and to give a better heat output from the trench heating. There was a couple of old radiators at the front of the church which was changed for high output radiators to boost the overall church heating. 

The new controls added was a new timer control and low level and maximum thermostat control, This ensuring the church was protected from frost and condensation. All completed by in house Church Heating Specialist Engineers in just 1 week.


Rev Stephen Herbert – “The church is now warm and welcoming again”

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