The People Mission Church, South shields, Newcastle

The People Mission Church contacted the church heating specialist with the task to correctly size the new church heating system for both the main church and church hall. Currently the existing church boiler was under sized and both areas was struggling to heat up.

The church would rent out the hall space and this was the churches main source of income so it was important to get the system correct. The current floor standing church boiler was under sized and was costing a lot in running cost. The plan was to remove the existing boiler and install a new zoned church heating system to allow for independent heating in both the church hall and main church. 

New high efficiency condensing boilers were installed along with new circulation pumps and filters to ensure the church heating stays clean and clear all year round. The church hall had some of the existing radiators removed and new fan assisted radiators installed to boost the heat in this area. The new fan assisted radiators are child friendly with a cool case unit and tamper proof control. 

The church hall also consisted of a combination boiler allowing the hall to have hot water on demand and the small back rooms heated by radiators. The old church hall combination boiler was replaced with a new Worcester Bosch boiler with wireless thermostat controls. The whole new church heating system was then connected to the church Wifi allowing the church wardens to control the heating system from the comfort of their own home via a smart phone, PC or tablet. This is the latest technological advancement in church heating, and one which is set to become very popular in the future.

Church warden Alex “We was expecting your guys to take 7 days on this project but the hours and effort that was put in ensured we didn’t loose a Sunday service without any heat. For the first time in attending church I’ve seen people take off there coats. Fantastic job from start to finish” 

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