We hear far too many stories of carbon monoxide poisoning and even gas explosions, and these are unfortunately as a result of poorly installed church heating systems or a lack of proper maintenance. It is imperative that any work undertaken on your church heating system be carried out by a qualified professional who is Gas Safe Registered. It is also vital that regular service checks and maintenance is carried out. In addition to that you can also keep an eye on your heating system for any tell tale signs of any potential problems.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

This simple and cheap piece of kit could save lives. It constantly monitors the air content in the room and alerts you if the balance of carbon monoxide reaches above a certain level. If the alarm goes off, you should open all the windows, evacuate the building and call us. One of our engineers will isolate your gas supply and resolve the problem.

Turn off all gas powered devices when not in use

It may seem obvious, but the vast majority of accidents occur when gas powered devices such as heaters and ovens are left on when they are not required. Make it part of your habit to check everything is turned off.

Keep your nose peeled

Gas has a very distinct smell, and it alerts you to a leak. Gas leaks are very dangerous and if undetected can lead to a devastation explosion. If you smell gas you should open all windows and get out of the building. Give one of our engineers a call immediately and we can advise you what to do.

Inspect and maintain

We offer an inspection and church heating maintenance service, where one of our fully qualified expect engineers provide regular check ups. Call us now to book this service