Timperly Congregational Church

The Challange

Timperley Church is  used daily with two or three functions going on at any one time, the problem was keeping everybody warm when rooms was needed without heating other areas of the church. The church heating system was currently a floor standing boiler, heating old style cast radiators and pipe work. 

The Solution

HeatinGlobal supplied the church heating consultant with two options. Option A being a wet central heating system that would be zoned enabling the church to heat separate areas when needed. Option B was a gas heating system using Drugasar Kamara range, this will also enable the church to heat and control separate areas of the church with a cheaper running and installation cost. 

The Church after doing its own research with references in which HeatinGlobal had provided of church heating systems that contained both options decided to have the new Drugasar heaters. The church heating process was carried out by HeatinGlobal in house engineers over a seven day period. 


Mr. Yates, the church warden had this to say after the signing off process of the project:  “The Church was treated with the up most respect and was extremely pleased with the outcome of our new church heating system, A job well done.”

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