Townhill Baptist Church, Swansea

Townhill Baptist church had an old electric boiler installed which was connected to an old cast iron heating system. Not only were the expensive running cost causing the church concern, and the growing number of youngsters attending the church prompted the church owners to take action. 

The current church heating system had no control unit, so there was constant issues with young children burning themselves on radiators. The Baptist church got together and decided to contact the church heating specialist here in Manchester to come up with ideas on what would be possible to solve there issues. The first issue was the church only had a 3 phase electric supply so a calculation was done to size a gas meter and supply needed. A plan was put together to install 2 new boilers on a split zone system allowing heating areas separate in the church and back rooms. All the existing electric over sink water heaters were also removed and new hot water supply installed. 

All the existing heating system was removed and smaller bore pipes installed to feed new low service temperature radiators (LST). The new LST radiators were installed throughout the main worship areas to the baby changing rooms giving a warm area without the fear of a hot surface. 

The new heating system was all connected to a new Google nest system allowing the church to control the system as and when needed from there Wifi connection.

Church member Andrew “Everyone was so please that we got a company that worked so quickly and efficiently with good quality of work who also took care with the building”

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