Union Hall Church, Hulme, Manchester

The Challange

Union hall church first contacted the church heating specialist back in 2012 to give some much needed advice on the best way forward. What the church wanted was to reduce running cost and to provide the church with another heating boiler that will last for years to come. The existing heating boiler was an old Pensottie floor standing boiler and was costing around £4,500 per year to run. 

The Solution

The church heating team came up with the figures and design spec to show the church could reduce there running cost by £3,000 per year and even more with the right controls and advice. The whole church heating system was zoned into a 3 zone heating system allowing independent control. The pipes were power flushed to clear out any remaining oxide. 

The church boiler room contained some asbestos so this was professionally removed and a safety air certificate issued. Once the church boiler room was safe to work in, the work began breaking down the old boiler and its controls. A new condensing boiler was installed along with large commercial pumps to help circulate the heating water around the church radiators. The works took just 7 days and no mid week groups needed to cancel as all works at the church was done during out of hours.


Church warden – Keith: “ Its been a long time coming to have this new heating installed and already we can see the savings made on the new church heating boiler. Plans are now in place to up grade the toilet areas with the money we are saving. Thanks for everything”

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