Vale Baptist Church

The Challange

Experiencing the usual problems of heating the church at high running cost and endless repairs to the cast sectional radiators, the church contacted other heating companies however most found the job to large for them to complete. HeatinGlobal was contacted after an internet search for church heating specialist and arranged a date to provide a free design quote. 

The Solution

The church hall needed to be heated separate from the other areas of the church so the decision was made to install two Drugasar k7 heaters. The church heating system was drained down and the section of pipe work was removed to allow for the new heaters. The rest of the heating was then re-filled so the other sections of the church could still be used. The new heaters now can heat the main hall with ease at a cost of only 98p per hour without heating the rest of the church and wasting vast sums of money.

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