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As we leave lockdown, it’s expected that the footfall to all our churches and chapels across the UK receive a higher footfall. With this comes the increase in the need to heat, supply and comfort for all these church guests. One thing that can happen with an influx in use with many outdated heating systems is the requirement for emergency repairs. From as little as diagnostics to full heater replacements, it can be a scary and difficult time addressing the different issues that you may need repairing. 

What to look out for before you need an emergency repair

Keeping your eyes peeled around your church for small indications such as leaks, loud noises or an insufficient heating source could all be the first tell tale sign that your heating system isn’t correctly functioning. As the saying goes, sooner rather than later. When it comes to heating a church, the sooner you address, identify and rectify any issues the better you will benefit. 

Who should I use for my emergency repairs.

Moving onto the situation and how quickly you can address this, is followed by how fast you can get a team to work on the issue.

Here at Church heating specialists, we aren’t only the UK’s leading church heating specialist, industry-leading professionals and gas safe engineers, we also are the home to a 24/7 the clock emergency repair service. 

No matter the time, day or place, our team are on hand to help you get through the tough times.

How to act when you need emergency repairs

Stay calm and collected, simply get in touch with one of our specialists and our team are able to help guide you through the situation. From advice and expertise to visits, we stand by ensuring our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority.


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