Derek Kershaw

Electrical engineer

Derek is the dad of the group as the oldest member of the church heating team. Derek in his early days worked on a lot of commercial catering systems, working on large commercial pipe work, ducting work and extract system. 

Derek worked on design and planning of both pipe and electrical systems and it from there Derek took the decision to work more in depth on electrical design and installations. After working for many years at a commercial electrical company, Derek applied for a position at HeatinGlobal to complete all the electrical works on their church heating projects

There was a new challenge ahead is what made Derek go for the position, having never worked in churches or dealing with that particular type of designs and systems, so naturally Derek wanted to become more involved. 

Now Derek has the knowledge and capability of wiring some of the most complex church heating systems and also lends a hand from time to time helping the other engineers on installs to move things along quickly and smoothly. 

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