A few months to go, the freezing nights are ahead! We know the cold weather can cause hindrances to your church and here is a top guide to prepare your church for winter and ensure you are fully equipped to tackle the cold nights ahead.

It’s time to avoid a whole array of future issues that can become present during the winter when dealing with large premises such as a church or chapel!

The maintenance of your church during Winter

Here at church heating specialists we often see churches suffering from a range of problems when the cold nights come in. From frozen pipes, broken heating and leaks. It’s essential that you know how to tackle these issues or how to prevent any concerns from arising during Winter.

The longevity of your church is our priority and here is how we can help.

Frozen Pipes – This can often be a result of an old outdated heating system, poor heating control and a lack of understanding on how to tackle the Winter. We have experts with knowledge on the best processes to deal with Frozen pipes, upgrades to prevent this issue and a range of heating upgrades to help make your journey through Winter easier with your church such as wireless heating and our zero-interest grants to introduce new technology, boilers and radiators.

Water functionality – Ensuring you have full access to heated water for your boilers and church functionings is essential. Our team are able to equip your church with state of the art devices and the most up to date equipment to help keep your church water treatment as smooth sailing as possible. Such as new boilers and pipes to keep the workflow running swiftly.

Poor heating – This is where we help many of our amazing clients. Our zero-interest payment plan allows our team to help install the highest quality heating systems in churches and chapels across the UK. Lowering heating bills, increasing efficiency and helping out the local community. From mini renovations, services to emergency repairs and full installationns. We have you covered.

Having industry professionals deal with your church is essential. We offer gas safe engineers to take out all procedures required and the highest level of expertise and knowledge to make your experience a whole lot easier.

Daily church usage

From daily tasks such as cleaning up, keeping on top of maintenance and ensuring your visitors have a pleasant experience are amongst many of the amazing methods to keep the morale high and church flowing.

Be sure to clear any walkways of ice and snow allowing for your visitors to have easy access.

Provide a warm and encouraging service to bring the community together.

And have a warm and comforting time with the amazing visitors you will have over the Winter months.

If you require our expert assistance, simply get in touch and a member of our team will be in touch to help you chose the best step onwards.