WiFi powered smart heating in your church is now just an app tap away

We’ve all seen the adverts for the likes of Nest and Hive, which allow you to control the heating system of your home from a smart phone powered app, but did you know the same solution is now available for your church?

The Church Heating Specialists based in Manchester can supply and fit a more professional and industrial grade system for your church. the Tado system is more versatile in that it can control multiple zones, set timers and calculate your proximity from the church. This intuitive wireless heating system is the very best available for larger properties such as churches which require a more complex set up, but from a user interaction point of view, it couldn’t be easier to operate.

With an app available to download for free on any smartphone, complete freedom and flexibility, the control of your church heating system really is just an app tap away. Available on Android, Apple and Windows powered phones, the easy to use app gives you complete customisation of your church heating system, right from the comfort of your own home.

For more information on our WiFi powered smart church heating controls, click here and we can give you a free quotation and church assessment for a wireless system.