Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be a very real risk when it comes to ensuring the safety of the patrons in your church building.

Carbon Monoxide or CO is odourless, colourless and extremely dangerous in high concentrations.  It can be fatal, and can affect anyone, young or old.  The main cause of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is faulty appliances, such as the church heating system it’s self, boilers, hobs, furnaces.  Once the gas is absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream, it is imperative that urgent medical attention is required.

Poisoning can be very difficult to detect, but symptoms include light-headedness, headaches, dizziness and flu symptoms.  If you feel any of the effects, get outside immediately, and call 999.  Treatment is very simple, just inhalation of 100% Oxygen.

To ensure your church heating system is running safely, our specialist engineers can help.  We can check the carbon monoxide levels, install detection systems and ensure your heating system is running safely.