The old cast iron radiators in The Jubilee Centre, Chester, took over 24 hours to heat the church building, and used to get so hot, that patrons would even burn themselves on the exposed, and dangerously hot metal.  The boiler wasn’t much better either, it was old and decrepit and was in desperate need of replacement.

The church heating specialists swooped in, and saved the day by replacing the old, dangerous radiators with new, fan assisted units, that are not only a lot safer, but can reach temperature in a much shorter space of time.  The church’s main concern was cost, so ensuring the the system was cost effective was our priority.

We managed to fit the entire system within a week, and now the church enjoys a comfortable warm temperature, with the hall getting up to the desired heat within 4 hours, a huge improvement on the previous 24 hours, plus with the new covered radiators, there are no more incidents to report.

The caretaker told us how delighted he was with the churches new heating system, and is amazed at how quickly the room heats up, and was particularly impressed that for the first time ever the thermostat kicked in and turned the system off as it got to temperature even quicker than anticipated.

To read the full report for the Jubilee Centre heating system installation, along with pictures, click here