North East Church adopts new heating technology

The People Mission Church in South Shields, Newcastle, is the latest church to embrace the latest technological advances in church heating. The new wifi linked heating systems available now from The Church Heating Specialists in Manchester means the entire system can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, from anywhere in the world!

The first hurdle to cross with the North East church was the under-powered existing boiler, which was used to heat the entire building, it was inefficient and simply couldn’t produce enough heat. It was over worked, and costing a lot of money to run, with little result. We replaced the old boiler with brand new efficiency condensing boilers.

The second challenge was to heat both the main church, and the rest of the church building, so we fitted dual zoned system.

The really exciting part is the way the heating zones are controlled. Using a simple app on their iPhones, the church wardens and adjust the temperature of each part of the church from the comfort of their own homes.