A bit of international church heating news this morning as we received images of the struggling churches in Boston as the worst snow storm on records hit the city over the month of February.  The New England churches rely on donations from worshippers, but with attendance at an all time low due to the treacherous weather conditions, many are struggling to make ends meet.

The problems are so prominent that an estimated 60 congregations will be forced to close, and a total of over $300,000 has been requested from the churches disaster relief fund.  Attendance has dropped by up to 50% in some instances, which isn’t surprising given the horrific conditions, but church leaders admit ‘it could have been worse’.

To ensure your church is protected for against the harshest weather conditions, have your church heating system looked at by one of our specialist church heating engineers. Maintenance is essential, especially in this prolonged winter we have been seeing here in the UK.