How to correctly run your heating system in church

Most people believe that turning a heating system on full from a cold setting is the best way to save money and work a heating system but in large spaces such as a church any system should be run via a min/max stat. This works by having a minimum temperature in church of around 7-10 degrees and then a maximum temperature of around 18-20 degree when required. When you fire a system from a cold setting not only has the amount of water volume gone cold but the fabric of the building has. So when you first fire the system the boiler needs to get the system water hot and then the fabric of the building.

The now cold walls will drag all the warm air into them until its warm and only then will the church begin to feel warm which can take as much as 2 hours longer running time. By leaving the thermostat on a low level temperature it will circulate warm water when required but not let the fabric get cold. Once the system is then in demand the warm air will not take as long to heat the church. This will then shut off the maximum thermostat control shutting off the boiler and saving cost on running the system. This will also protect the building from damp and condensation which is a minimum amount of requirement needed in any listed building no matter what the grade.