As we slowly creep into the summer months, you may see yourself asking, does it really matter about my church heating during the Summer period? In fact, yes, more than ever!

You’re asking why?

It’s simple and the team at church heating specialists are here to explain.

During the winter months, your church requires a heating system to keep warm, it allows for a nicer environment for your visitors and the entire system is up to full use. This is not the case during the summer.

It’s often overlooked when it’s warm and many heating systems are neglected, make sure you aren’t one of those.

Broken church pipes & leaks

Due to the limited use, many churches often see a build-up gathering inside their heating system and pipes, in some bad cases this actually results in rot, mould, rust and leaks

By simply not operating the heating systems, as usual, you are ineffectively protecting your pipes and equipment from the dangers of misuse and bad maintenance.

Extremely cheap to run!

Don’t panic, we know it may be odd to use your heating system during summer when you don’t need the heat, you can simply monitor and alter your system using a wireless heating system and lower those monthly bills.

By spending that little extra (even though it’s a lower monthly cost than usual) you run the chance in saving yourself some serious money down the line when you realise your heating system is in fact broken.

You have a constant view of how the system is running.

What would be worse than coming up to winter to find the heating system you neglected for 5 months now has an array of issues? exactly, by moderately maintaining and monitoring your church heating system you allow for a proper understanding on the current state of your system.

The perfect time for upgrades

Since you are in no rush to fully rely on your heating system and the demand for upgrades and maintenance has dropped. It’s prime time to consult with a member of our team about how we can help improve the effectiveness of your church heating and implement new upgrades to benefit you.

If you want to find out a little bit more related to why you should never neglect your church heating system during the summer then please do contact a member of our team and we will be happy to offer our advice and expertise where aplicable.

We hope to hear from you all so soon,