The future of St Osmund’s Church in Osmington, Dorset, hangs in the balance as it has been revealed that if major works are not completed, the beloved village church will be forced to close its doors to the community forever.

Unfortunately over the years, the building has succumbed to weathering and general maintenance requirements, and is not in such a dilapidated state that if major repairs are not carried out soon, the church will be unfit for purpose. Because of the dwindling congregation numbers, it’s clear that something needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent closure.

There has been a detail programme of works that need to be completed in order to make the church more welcoming and of course safe to worshippers and visitors. This work includes structural and construction work, as well as updating the facilities and amenities, and the fitting and installation of a new church heating system.

The work is projected to cost in the region of £100,000. The plan is to revive the building as a national heritage museum, and is calling on the local community to join forces to help raise the money. Public fundraising is also being planned, as well as other initiatives.

The church is open at the moment, but ultimately if the work is not completed, then the future will be uncertain.