During the cold weather, it can be extremely tempting to turn your heating on and leave it on, this allows you to stay warm and comfortable even through the tough miserable seasons. Although, having your heating running all the time could actually be extremely negative and set you further back with your church.

With rain continuing to plummet across the UK. Manny churches are expected to utilise their church heating systems much more, from the excessive use of their boilers to the strain put on the radiators. Many churches aren’t equipped to tackle this behaviour and keeping your system active all year round could inhibit your ability to provide sufficient warmth to your guests.

Experts have revealed that it could in fact be cheaper to turn your heating system off and regain activity when it’s needed.

Many experts can argue this is dependent on the level of insulation your property has, however as we see in the majority of our churches and chapels, the insulation is considered as poor, with cold walls, open spaces and lots of areas to reap the cold air.

We have frequently expressed different measures you can incorporate to keep your expenses down to a minimum.

From wireless heating to interest-free payment plans and grants to help you upgrade your church to be more cost-effective this winter.

With many of our upgrades, it makes financial sense to keep your heating system turned off and selected times it can be on, keeping expenses low yet the customisability and analytical approach is far more inadequate due to the advancements in technology.

Leaving you with the best outcome.

It may also be time to service your heating system to ensure everything is in order.

It’s not only important to maintain the system from a performance and safety point of view, but also it ensures optimal efficiency. Both in terms of a monthly running cost, and also consistent heating performance.

Lower monthly bills: You will see a lot here at Church Heating Specialists the thrive we have for lowering our client’s monthly bills each and every month. After receiving your annual service you can often see lowered monthly heating bills due to the improvements made via our specialists.

An effective system: You may not have noticed however over time your church heating system can be presented with an array of issues and problems resulting in a bad running and low effective system. Our services allow for the improvement, diagnostic and fix of many of these problems resulting in a fully resolved heating arrangement.

Speak to a member of our team today to start your church heating upgrades and servicing journey to help keep your church bills low.