Get your church heating ready for Christmas

We’ve had halloween, Guy Fawkes night is quickly approaching, and before we know it, the most celebrated day of the year will be upon us. Christmas is our favourite time of the year, we love the festivities, and being a family run company we love nothing more than enjoying the christmas season with the children. Seeing their faces light up is something magical that is most prevalent around this time of year. It’s also the time of year that many of us attend church services, even those of us who are not regular church-goers enjoy Christigle and advent carol services, so it’s vital that your church is ready for the influx of extra people in attendance.

With a vast increase in numbers of attendee of your church over the christmas period, the most important thing is to ensure your congregation are warm and comfortable. We all remember those times where standing in a large church hall holding a candle and seeing our breath in the icy cold air was very uncomfortable. Your church heating system will be put into over drive, and it will be a test to any church. Here are our tips to ensure your church heating system is ready for Christmas.

Get a heating system service

By far the most important thing you can do for your church heating system is to get a full service and check up. A full service means the entire system is checked over, making sure it’s running efficiently and safely, checking for any leaks or areas of low pressure, as well as air trapped in the system or water contamination. If there are any problems of this nature it can usually be solved with a power flush, a chemical is pressured through all the pipe work, expelling any sludge and build up, clearing the pipes and allowing easier hot water distribution.

Mind the gaps

An easy check you can do yourself is to ensure the seals around your doors and windows is adequate. Even small gaps around window and door frames can waste a significant amount of energy.


Still the most effective way of keeping the heat inside your church is to insulate the walls and ceilings, because as we know, heat rises. Wall cavity insulation can be very cost effective and requires minimal structural disruption. Roofing insulation is also a very easy fix, it just requires rolls of insulation fibre laid out in the ceiling.


Keep your heating system running at it’s optimal by having a regular maintenance service, as well as a major maintenance service before the Christmas rush. This includes changing filters and other perishables, as well as all ancillaries and gas connections.

If you need to get your church heating system in check before Christmas, call the experts today.