UK churches are switching to clean green energy


Thousands of churches throughout the UK have already made the change, but are you ready to ditch the fossil fuels and move over to renewable energy to power your church heating system?

Over three and a half thousand churches have opted for green energy sources for their heating already according to data released earlier this week. But this is just a drop in the ocean really, there is an estimated fifty thousand churches in the UK, so we look into why more churches aren’t investing in renewable energy.

The main reason is of course the upfront cost. You obviously offset this cost against the savings you can make, but those returns could take many years to realise. There are many different types of renewable energy devices, these include solar panels, air source heat pump, wind turbines and ground source heating. There is also the option for churches to purchase their electricity from green suppliers.

The City of Salford, which neighbours our home town of Manchester, are one of the diocese that have taken up the opportunity to take advantage of green energy. This was in a direct response to the threat from climate change. The Pope’s Encyclical last year highlighted the concerns of global warming, and what the churches can do to reduce their carbon footprint and help the poorest people in our communities.

The Christian Aid and Tearfund charities are lending a helping hand to any church looking for help and advice with their renewable energy options, and of course our fully qualified expert heating engineers are well versed in the solutions available, so if you’re considering renewable heating solutions for your church, give us a call today.