With another bitterly cold winter set to sweep across the UK, many of the population have major concerns about the cost of heating, with a recent survey showing that nearly 40% of us have real concerns for the affordability of heating bills this year.

Last winter a quarter of the population put up with unbearably cold conditions, because they simply could not afford the heating bill, and over 60% of us had reduced our energy consumption to try and combat the rising costs.  Almost 75% of us believe that heating bills are unreasonable.

So what can we do to reduce these bills? The most simple solutions are to insulate your water heater or boiler, replace halogen bulbs with LED and use eco shower heads, just these simple measures could save you £200 per year. But there are plenty more areas where your church can save money.

The Church Heating Specialist can help you reduce your church heating bills significantly, to find out how, check out our heating advice page, and call us on 0161 211 6955