How cold times have changed


It would seem that an unfortunate lack of church heating was just as much of a problem back in the 18th and 19th Centuries as it is in our present day.

Keen church-goers would sit through hour long religious services in freezing cold temperatures, through the testing winters. Many, if not all churches would have minimal heat or no heat at all, making Sunday services somewhat of a challenge for Christians around.
A quick remedy and alternative to long and cold, unheated Sundays at the church, came in the form of a ‘Sabbath House’. A Sabbath-day house was a small, single roomed house, usually located very close to a church, built and used solely for church-goers to keep warm and eat during religious service breaks.

The 19th Century brought around the appreciated church heating, with churches everywhere installing small stoves to take the chill off those cold Sunday mornings. Today we have modern furnaces, insulation and property heating methods, which take off a lot more than a chill and offer us a warm and comfortable environment to visit.

Nobody likes to sit in a cold room – especially a freezing cold church and thankfully, these days we have all the equipment needed to rectify that problem. No matter how large, original or old a building may be, there are suitable heating methods for all varieties.

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