We have covered the different issues that can be present during the cold winter months however many churches and chapels require other aspects of maintenance and attention to help get through the cold, dark winter nights.

Here is a compilation of different areas from repairs, upgrades and new technology which may help you lower the cost of your heating bills, improve efficiency and help you through the cold nights!

Each and every church has its own bespoke plan to upgrade and prepare for seasonal times however this guide will offer an exploration of an array of areas that could be utilised to improve your chances of cheaper bills and a smooth sailing journey.

Wireless church heating is set to save you money!

We have briefly covered the up and coming wireless heating advancements we are able to offer.

Just like a mobile phone, heating systems are subject to a range of upgrades over time to help tackle the climate in more efficient ways.

A wireless heating system is a small device installed onto your boiler.

This device can provide the user with an accurate reading of the power used to heat your church, you are able to access this report via an application on a phone, tablet or computer!

This allows you to analyse specific details such as the most expensive time of day to heat your church.

With this data, you are able to set up scheduling so your wireless heating system remotely powers your church heating during times of need and lowers during hours of relaxed states.

You can operate the system remotely via the app meaning no matter where you are, you have full access to your churches heating. Setting up scheduling and reading the analysis allows you to gain a greater insight into the reasons your monthly bill can be higher and how you can combat this.

Upgraded church heating systems

We often talk about the advantages of upgrading your church heating system. Not for a financial reason however it can set you on the right track to keeping your church in perfect shape. So much so we offer our ZERO interest payment plans where you can spread the cost of your upgrades with us here at Church heating specialists and experience the advantages and benefits of an upgraded facility.

Having modern boilers, radiators and fittings allow for an effective method to heat your church.

With amazing methods to heat your church such as Underfloor, pew and chandelier heating. The way you equip your property with the correct measures in place will have a significant impact on how you are able to proceed through the freezing nights.

Here are some of the services in which Church heating specialists may be able to help you.

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