We have frequently suggested the common upgrade of introducing a wireless heating system into your church, acting like a thermostat with far more comprehensive insight and options to help keep your bills to a minimum. This still doesn’t cover the fact that many churches are frequently using their thermostats wrong and could in fact be saving thousands on their monthly bills by correct usage.

Thermostat schedeuling options

One great key advantage of our modern wireless thermostats is the fact that you have the ability to schedule your heating arrangements. With an in-depth analysis of usage, you can identify the times of day the system is required and the times of day that aren’t. With this, you can set your wireless heating to trigger during key essential times and lower in off periods, resulting in far less usage and a greater saving in expenses.

A full analytical insight

Seeing where and at what times cost the most to heat your church, how much energy usage is used and the price of your churches heating at any time of day is a great way to monitor and analyse the costs of your heating bills. With a wireless heating system, it’s often overlooked that you can see a full insight into the usage of your system and then offer the correct measures to lower or heighten the usage ofo your system.

The hassle-free approach from anywhere!

Using your church heating has never been easier, with remote access, you are able to monitor, edit and alter your heating system from any device in the world. With a portal login, you have access to your church heating.

From tablet to phone or computer and smart interface, you have the ability to be in control and ensure your church is running as smoothly as possible.

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