Not quite as elaborate as He-Man and his battle with Grey Skull, but HeatinGlobal has the power! Power Flushing that is…

Our power flushing services are the ideal quick fix solution for your church heating system if it isn’t working to optimal capacity. With our specialist equipment and highly trained engineers, we can power flush your church in as little as one day.

If your experiencing problems with your heating, such as a noisy boiler, higher than average bills, cold spots on the radiators, or generally slow performance of your system, a power flush may be all you need.

Power flushing works by chemically cleaning your entire church heating system from the inside, by forcing high pressure water through it, forcing any debris or build-up out.

Once the process is complete, a chemical is then added to the water in the system to prevent any further build up.  When this is done, the system will work like new.

We would also recommend fitting a magnetic filter to the boiler, this way you can catch any remaining debris, and protect your system and it’s components in the future