Easter is just around the corner. Each year churches across the UK see a massive influx of visitors due to the meaning behind Easter. An extremely festive and religious period should also be accommodated with a warm and comforting church.

Is your church prepared ahead of Easter this year with the correct measures in place to help keep your guests warm? Without breaking the bank?

Here are some of the methods you could do to help keep your church as eco-efficient and keep those bills down during this Easter period.

It could be as simple as introducing a wireless heating system to allow a further accurate mode of monitoring and adapting your heating systems remotely from a device. A simple yet highly effective way to produce great results and give you a far clearer understanding of how your church heating works in your old church.

Often, one of the best procedures to actually lower heating bills and produce some of the best results in old churches is taking that step and implementing a new church heating system installed by professional church heating engineers. This allows for up to date, modern resources to be used and the removal of ineffective outdated sources.

Here at Church heating specialists we also have access to industry-first payment plans. As long as we can help our customers we are happy. Offering a ZERO INTEREST payment plan allows you to take that big step in upgrading your church without the hassle of a lump sum fee.

Primarily the first question to ask yourself should be ‘why are we planning to heat our church?’ And the most probable answer will be ‘to heat our congregation.’

Also without doubt your other primary concerns will be the Running Costs, Installation Costs and Time, Servicing Costs and  Overall Efficiency for the Primary Objective – To heat your congregation.

Warm People + Minimal Running costs = Efficient Heating 

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