Manchester church turns up the heat

Moravian Church in Tameside, Greater Manchester, needed help with their expensive and inefficient church heating system, so they called the best in the business.

The Church Heating Specialist always love when a job comes up in their home city of Manchester, and even though they are fully nationwide now, Manchester is where it all fist started all those years ago.

The Manchester church’s existing heating system was letting them down, it consisted of old, dated and inefficient storage electrical wall mounted heaters. These heaters weren’t the only problem, after a thorough inspection it was discovered that the entire electrical system in the church was dangerously out dated, and required a complete re-wiring throughout the entire building.

The new fan convected Dimplex electric heaters new provide a consistent low level warm temperature at all times in the main worship area. This used to be the coldest part of the church, now it is at a constant comfortable heat, and can be boosted at times when required.

The fully electric church heating system is controlled by a simple to use consumer unit with timer control. It allows for easy and instant temperature adjustment, and multi day timer means it can automatically turn on and off at designated times throughout the days and weeks.