We all know it can be expensive to run a business and when you are a church running on a daily basis with large quantities of visitors, those monthly bills can soon add up. Here at church heating specialist, we thrive by ensuring our customers and clients are able to lower monthly heating bills as seen in many of our articles resulting in savings of up to 40%.

To save money each month, it doesn’t have to be an expensive upgrade; we have a few sectors for you to check to help lower your bills before making the move to upgrade your system.

The main reason we often see church bills so high is the fact that many churches and chapels are outdated with ineffective solutions to heating and lighting. This outdated technique can soon rack up thousands each and every month due to a poor economic system and a bad carbon footprint.

Save money through church heating

One aspect to high monthly bills is related to the heating costs to heat an entire church sufficiently. There is no point in a partial heating system as this neglects the rest of the property. With many old churches out team come across ancient heating systems as far as 200 years old. This is a very poorly maintained way to heat your church which inevitably increases your monthly costs.

Here are some steps you can take to lower your heating bills at your church.

  • Upgrade your church heating system to a new, modern and eco-friendly unit. Including boilers, monitors and even wireless heating systems to allow for a full analytical overwatch and adaptation to your church heating solution.
  • Annual church heating services offer a full complete run down as to the performance and longevity of your heating system, it’s a great way to identify any problems and sort them prior to higher monthly costs.
  • Follow our advice on how to run your church heating system including all the time through winter, we have tips and tricks on how to effectively run your system to prevent any breakages or issues further down the line.

Church lighting has a huge impact

Our focus on energy efficient lighting means that our systems are not only visually stunning, but also more environmentally friendly than ever. This reflects in the running costs, and our clients see a significant saving on their energy bills.

We plan and design effective lighting that encompasses the varied visual needs of the congregation and clergy. Our creative and flexible energy-efficient lighting designs can be used to accentuate special liturgical celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, as well as lending vibrant and theatrical atmospheres for concerts and community events that ecclesiastical buildings are often used for today.

Having a fully up to date lighting system in your church allows for the use of eco-friendly bulbs and equipment to help lower your monthly spending on the lighting bills.


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