Heritage lottery grant awarded for Norfolk church heating system

St Marys Church in Gissing, Norfolk, are elated to announce they have managed to secure nearly £300,000 to help towards a major renovation, and of course to help with their church heating system, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thus church council have been fund raising and applying for grants so that they can turn the historic church into a much needed community hub. Over £200,000 of the funding came from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The team has been working tirelessly since 2013 to raise the money needed to make essential repairs to the 1000 year old building, which is a much loved local community focal point. The church sits in the heart of the village, and will help play a pivotal role in bringing together people from all over the region. The work required includes structural work to the chapels, towers and  chancel, as well as a new ground drainage system.

A major part of the restoration project is to install a new electricity supply, from which a new church heating system can be installed. Amazingly the church has been used for many years with an ancient electrical system and no heating, which members of the church group admitted it was very difficult to operate throughout the winter months.

Once all of the restoration work is complete, the church will be used as a venue to host a wide variety of events, concerts, classes, groups and of course church services. The locals are keen to also promote the wonderful heritage of the church though education and history lectures. St Marys is a much loved church, and the restoration work will ensure it will be able to continue being a staple part of village life.

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