We can see by the cold dark nights, the slow snowfall and the icy windows that the onset of winter is here. With frozen glass panels and extreme amounts of heating use, it can be the most difficult time to keep your church warm and welcoming. You need this festive period to be the most enjoyable, not a struggle. That’s why our experts here at Church heating specialists have introduced our top church heating advice for the winter weather.

Some of the dangers of the winter weather you should try to avoid.

Frozen pipes

As the year begins to come to a close we want your Church to remain warm and functional in preparation for those busy holiday services.
Turning off your heating during closing hours or quiet periods may do you more harm than good, as frozen pipes or leaks can cost you more to repair than keeping your heating ticking over during the quiet hours.

Dealing with frozen pipes in your church this winter

• Turn the water supply off at the stop tap/valve
• Thaw along the pipe starting from the end nearest the tap
• Put hot water bottles or a thick cloth soaked in hot water over the frozen pipe or use an electric hair dryer at its lowest setting to thaw pipes – be careful not to warn them too quickly or they may burst
• Don’t use a blowlamp or any naked flame
• Don’t leave taps dripping or running. The water may not flush down the plughole if the pipes below are frozen.

General church maintenance.

Ensuring your church is up to scratch is essential, looking at your gutters, drains and cleaning any icy paths to ensure a safe entrance for your guests should be high on your agenda.

You can’t combat every aspect of the winter weather however making sure the paths are correctly gritted, the drainage pipes are running smoothly and all electrics are efficiently working is a great way to keep your church in the best position possible for the days ahead.

Church upgrades such as wireless heating

Seeing where and at what times cost the most to heat your church, how much energy usage is used and the price of your churches heating at any time of day is a great way to monitor and analyse the costs of your heating bills.

Using your church heating has never been easier, with remote access, you are able to monitor, edit and alter your heating system from any device in the world. With a portal login, you have access to your church heating.

From tablet to phone or computer and smart interface, you have the ability to be in control and ensure your church is running as smoothly as possible.

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