London church gets remote controlled heating system

Elim Pentecostal Church in London first contacted The Church Heating Specialists when they needed a complete heating system replacement, but it wasn’t quite as simple as that. The church Pastor Nick wanted to be able to remotely operate the heating system, from a remote location. When our church heating engineers arrived at the building, they were greeted with a very old and outdated system. We performed a complete site survey, as well as a cost reduction analysis as well as a full inspection of the existing heating system. The conclusion was that the best course of action would be to completely overhaul the entire system. Taking everything out and replacing it with brand new components was not a small job, but the church knew it needed to be done.

One of the church pastors main concerns was how long the work would take, because no one want’s to close their church for a prolonged period of time. So we knew time was of the essence, so it was vital that this job was completed quickly and efficiently. The first thing we did to save time and money was to introduce a scrap metal company in to help extract the old boilers, piping and radiators. This was a great help for the schedule and budget.

Now our church heating engineers had a blank canvas to work with. They were not limited by any factors like pipe work configurations or boiler restrictions, they had carte blanche to construct a system as they saw fit based on the requirements of the church. The first thing to do was install a brand new, state of the art condensing boiler, this was wall hung to save valuable floor space. All of the connecting pipework was then fed throughout the church building, leading the hot water to all of the different zones including the main church hall, the offices and bathrooms. New radiators were then connected to the piping, as well as fan assisted heating units.

The final stage was to connect the mains gas supply, which was all carried out by our fully qualified and certified Gas Safe engineers. The most important component was then set up – the wireless control unit. In order for Pastor Nick to manage the heating system from remote locations, a smart WiFi powered system was installed. This allowed Nick to access the heating system via his smartphone with a special app downloaded.

Overall the complete project took just 6 days, meaning that they church was able to open for it’s Sunday service without disruption. Pastor Nick and the other staff are extremely happy with the work, and the worshipers and visitors have loved the new warm welcome they receive when they walk in from the cold.

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