Shirley Parish Church has had funding of £250,000 awarded for the installation of a more eco friendly low-energy heating system.  It comprised of two air-source heat pumps, which are designed to provide low-cost heat for its under-floor heating and high-output radiators located under the pews.

The church had it’s hi-tech heating system installed as part of a refurbishment to allow the building to be used as¬†a community meeting place as well as a place of worship. ¬†The¬†two air-source heat pumps that were installed are designed to be more cost effective, more reliable and provide greater warmth.

Prior to the heat pump installation, they were only able to heat the church once a week, on a Sunday, and for the six months of winter, but now thanks to new eco-friendly heating technology, they can enjoy the warmth from the new system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (if they wanted!).

Because of the new church heating system, the number of worshipers has steadily increased, because of the new warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.

No only does the church have a new under floor heating system, but have gone all out and installed solar panels on the roof too, as well as insulation in the ceiling.

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