The demand for your church’s heating system is far superior than other months when in winter, with a need to keep your visitors warm and comfort along with reducing the risks of frozen pipes and heating related issues down the line.

Although having an extensive heating system and sufficient heating throughout your church or chapel is a nice feeling, it also bears bad news for many keepers. The bills don’t pay themselves and the price of heating will be significantly higher than you have just experienced through the summer.

With many open walls and large spaces to fill, heating a church is a large job in itself, unlike a home. That’s why the correct system and setup is essential for cost-effectiveness.

This leaves many people asking the question, should you keep your heating on 24/7 in winter? To help avoid any frozen pipes, to keep the rooms warm?

The breakdown

Having your heating in a home running 24/7 is easily a great method to burn your money, it’s less effective and will cost you a high amount each month.

The difference with a church is the volume you need to heat. Often with poor insulation and open walls and gaps in the roof, heating is a completely different game when it comes to your church or chapel.

To heat, your church 24/7 would significantly raise the cost of your bills each month and negatively impact the church financially.

This should be avoided at all costs.

What should you do?

It can be a really simple process to receive high efficiency and low bills. 


With our zero-interest payment plans your church heating system can receive the sufficient upgrades needed to tackle the winter months with ease.

Take a look at our Wireless church heating systems that can allow for a remote operation, analysis and full crackdown on your heating systems resources resulting in lower bills and further customisation. 


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Wireless Heating

The world is going technical

Like anything in life, it develops and improves. Here at Church Heating Specialists, we are able to offer a wireless heating system installation that allows you to maintain, monitor and adjust your heating system remotely from a phone, tablet or computer! With the ability to schedule your heating system, see the effectiveness of the heat and monitor the best procedures to lower your bills. A wireless church heating system could be the best implementation to keep an eye on your costs yourself! Find out more

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