The Church Heating Specialist comes to the rescue for a London church

St Luke’s church in London had unfortunately been let down by a previous contractor, and had called for the experts to rescue them from a multitude of problems. They had spent a lot of money from their hard earned fundraising proceeds on what had turned out to be somewhat of a disastrous job, completed by less than competent contractors. Where we differ is that we are not a general commercial heating company, we are a dedicated church heating specialist. Church heating requires a specific skill set and understanding, they don’t function or operate like a typical commercial building.

Having spent a lot of time inspecting the existing heating system and surveying the church, as well as ascertaining their heating requirements as well as performing heat loss calculations, we came to the conclusion that the job was deemed as an un-safe installation. It required immediate attention, not only because it wasn’t energy efficient, but also because it could be potentially dangerous.

There was a whole host of problems discovered by our engineers, including faulty and unsuitable equipment, and even poor fittings and a leak in the church underfloor heating system. The most significant problem which was also potentially lethal was the boiler flue configuration, which was incorrectly aligned, and if left unresolved, could have caused an explosion. These issues gave us no option other than to turn the heating system off immediately, and begin work on putting everything right.

In order to save the church money we wanted to re-use as much of the existing equipment as possible. There were some components however that we could not recycle, and one room even had to be completely stripped down and started again from scratch. There were radiators in the main church hall that hadn’t worked for years, even before the faulty system was installed. Our engineers managed to get them up and running too, much to the delight of the church warden Pat.

Pat was extremely satisfied with the work we did to rescue the church. Her main concern was cos, and understandably so. They had already spend a significant amount of their budget on the previous system, and thought that they would have to shell out the same again, if not even more. But we didn’t want that to be the case, and through proper planning and re-use of existing system components we were able to keep the costs down.

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having sub-standard low-quality work performed on your church heating system by a local contractor, then give our experts a call today and we can right the wrongs and restore your faith in legitimate and experienced church heating engineers in London like ourselves.