Birmingham Church cuts heating bill by 60%

St. Mary’s RC Church in Birmingham is a large building, split into 2 main sections, along with housing for the Fathers, and their heating bill was astronomical… Until The Church Heating Specialist got to work that is!

The spend on the monthly heating bill was calculated at 3 times what it should have been for a building of this size. An old, inefficient church gas heating system was to blame for this, and the number one priority was to replace the entire church heating system with a modern, efficient boiler, which would created a welcoming warmth, at a fraction of the price.

With over 1200 attending the weekly Sunday service, 2 large busy community rooms, and 8 Fathers residing at the church’s living quarters, it was essential that there was minimal disruption, and that the building was not without heat for too long. We put 6 of our very best church heating engineers on the job, and everything was completed within 2 weeks, which is record time for a project of this size, and was 1 week ahead of schedule.

Everyone at the church was extremely pleased with the results.