After an incredible 30 years with no heating, St Peter’s Church has finally been renovated, ending the 3 decade cold spell and marking a new rival for the building.

The medieval church has been without heating for so long now, that although the patrons are somewhat used to it, they are more than happy to welcome the warmth into the church.The landmark building received a complete new church heating system that consisted of two Ethos 70 kW stainless steel condensing boilers, a Mikrofill pressurisation package and a Mikrovent low loss header/air and dirt separator.  This, combined with a brand new church underfloor heating system and refurbished iron radiators, means that the large hall and smaller rooms are adequately heated throughout.

The main part of the system is situated in the basement, and the underfloor heating is covered by a new oak floor, which has brought a fresh new look to the church, whilst still remaining traditional in its appearance.