It has recently been announced that the current crisis has resulted in large demand and led to many suppliers collapsing and closing down, leaving the residents of the UK in dire need yet facing raised costs for gas.

The extensive surge in demand is yet to be faced with a dramatic increase in monthly bills and heating bills over the cold winter nights ahead.

Heating your home can be a challenge in itself, but where does this leave you as a church? Are you able to financially support this demand along with presenting your visitors with sufficient heating?

Gas has risen by a whopping 20% this winter, ensuring you have the right measures in place to tackle the winter nights is essential and this is how Church heating specialists are able to help.

Upgraded church heating systems

We often talk about the advantages of upgrading your church heating system. So much so we offer our ZERO interest payment plans where you can spread the cost of your upgrades with us here at Church heating specialists and experience the advantages and benefits of an upgraded facility to help keep your bills reduced to a minimum.

Having modern boilers, radiators and fittings allow for an effective method to heat your church.

With amazing methods to heat your church such as Underfloor, pew and chandelier heating. The way you equip your property with the correct measures in place will have a significant impact on how you are able to proceed through the freezing nights.

Saving money is a key part of the upcoming months and our team are on hand to help equip your church ready to tackle this tough period.

Supply and demand for upgrades is on the rise during Winter.

Putting yourself in a position where you require essential upgrades to sufficient heat your church but being unable to fit the job in is one of the biggest avoidances you need to follow.

Providing yourself with this early opportunity to book in without industry-leading church heating engineers and consultants to give you enough time to make the amendments required.

How you can save money on your church heating this winter.

Here at church heating specialists, we know that any upgrade, small or big, any fixes, checks and even monthly bills can be expensive. Our aim is to make this as easy, cheap and convenient for our customers as possible. That’s why we aren’t only the UKs leading church heating specialists but we also offer an incredible church heating payment plan with ZERO interest.

How much of a grant and payment plan can I get?

Simple Example

Cost of System




18 Monthly Payments




Get in touch with a member of our industry-leading team to help equip your church to deal with the cold nights.