Getting funding for your church heating project can be challenging at best, and near impossible at the worst of times.  But The Church Heating Specialists are here to help.  We have just launched a guide for how to gain the money needed to fund church heating repairs and installation, and covers things like where to turn to for help, and what you can do raise the money yourself. 

The easiest way you can raise the money is to enter our church heating competition, where you have the chance to win £10,000 worth of boiler system, as well as free installation, just click here.  Other ways include holding fundraising events and hiring the church hall out, read our full guide here.

Raising money needn’t be difficult, it does require a certain amount of effort however, and support from volunteers and the local community, but it’s not impossible. If you need any advice, please contact us on 0161 211 6955 and we can try and help you as best we can.