Holy Trinity Church, Rathmell, Yorkshire, and appealing for final donations to help them reach their target of £210,000 needed for restoration, refurbishment, and a new church heating system installation.  The village church, which is located just to the North of Blackburn, requires just £15,000 more to hit their goal.

Holy Trinity Church is a grade 2 listed building, and is the proud owner of a rare and important stained glass window, so it is vital that the structural work is completed as soon as possible to prevent any further long term damage to the building.

The Heritage Lottery Fund, church funds and other donations have helped secure nearly £200,000 so far, but the parishioners are pledging for the final milestone, which will allow them to get the work underway. The church’s ancient heating system is also on the agenda for a major upgrade, which has become old and delapidated over the years. We think a brand new boiler driven system with modern radiators would work a treat.