St Mary Magdalene Church at Waltham in Kent is doing all they can to raise funds for a much needed new Church Heating system. Their aim is to reach the goal of £150,000 which is required for essential upgrades, including improving accessibility for the disabled, as well as other amenities such as improving disused spaces to allow for more community activities.

But the main concern is the old, dilapidated church heating system, which over time has become expensive to run and unreliable at the best of times. The existing system relies on a old boiler and cast iron radiators. The pipework and ancillaries are also old and prone to failure, requiring lots of ongoing church heating maintenance. The church building would lend itself very well to an underfloor heating system.

Church members are in the process of applying for grants and help with funds, and there are lots of exciting events forthcoming that will hopefully raise plenty of money for the improvements. Rundraising events include a ‘Hymathon’ which sees the two organists play all 756 hymns in the church’s book back to back! We wish them all the very best of luck in reaching their goal.