Every precautionary measure is needed when looking after and maintaining a church, from the continuous use of heating systems to prevent frozen pipes to the diagnostics of a gas smell in the property.

We have covered an array of reasons to maintain the correct use of your church heating system but another concerning factor to keep an eye open on for is the potent smell of gas.

Several causes and issues may follow the identification of gas in your church.

Why does my church smell of gas?

In simple, it is quite possible you may have a gas leak, the issue lies further down the line, trying to distinguish where the leak is identified and the fix has to be completed by a gas safe engineer, not just anybody.

Here at Church heating specialists, we are home to industry-leading expert gas safe engineers with years of experience and knowledge on entire church heating systems.

Who better to talk to than a team of experts in the industry? With a collection of years of experience across the team, you will easily find what you are looking for. With industry-leading experts the team at Church heating specialist are able to help at hand.

Many contributing factors determine the type of heating system we would fit, and it is our job to survey your church, consult you on what we would recommend, put a pricing structure together for you, and even help out with obtaining a church heating interest free payment plans.

If you require assistance with your church, further from identifying the smell of gas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert consultants for a free consultation call on how we may be of assistance.

What to do if you smell gas?

A gas leak in your church can be extremely dangerous, so here is our advice to stay safe, protect your visitors, staff and building:

1. Ventilate – Open all doors and windows to circulate air and try to expel the gas.

2. Don’t ignite – Do not turn any electrical switches on or off, a spark could ignite the gas in the room.

3. Extinguish – put out all candles, cigarettes, any naked flames

4. Get out – leave the building immediately, but be sure not to use any electrical locks or entry/exit systems

Consult with a member of our team here at Church Heating Specialists to help get you back on track and recover any issues regarding smelling gas in your church.