When looking into a large job such as an entire church heating system installation, it’s essential to tick off a few factors before you get started to ensure you have the best service and outcome possible. This is why here at Church Heating Specialists we are perfect for your heating installation needs.

With any installation work, you wouldn’t want a botched job, partial completion or unauthorised persons working on your church or chapel. That’s why the first step would be ensuring you have registered and authorised engineers on the job. Our team of expert gas safe engineers have years of experience with working alongside an array of church boilers, heating systems and setups so you can be assured you are in the best hands.

Components and parts are just as important with your church heating installation. We use a range of modern, high quality and industry-leading components on all our jobs. We have incorporated new modern methods and devices such as wireless heating systems to help our clients save up to 40% on monthly heating bills, have further insight and control on their heating system and upgrade their church to fir the current times and prevent further issues down the line.

Advice and expertise, why would you put your church at risk with someone how doesn’t have a great track record in installing, fitting, fixing, servicing and maintaining church heating systems each and every day? Here we are, with a range of team members able to help you all across the country. Our services extend further than just our local area. We are available on a 24/7 emergency callout basis and have a range of satisfied clients around the country.

We have worked with many churches in which have even been published on online articles such as St Peters, we work with a huge portfolio of churches, chapels and synagogues. You can simply call a member of our administration team and they are more than happy to help explain, advise and guide you with your best next step forward.