Yorkshire Church to raise £600,000 for renovation and heating

St Andrew’s Church in Bainton, Yorkshire, need to raise a further £30,000 to complete church renovation – which will cost around £600,000. After more than 20 years of tireless fundraising, Cathy Otton-Goulder reader and fundraiser, Tom Nash St Andrew’s PCC, Roger Lowe treasurer, area pushing to get that last milestone.

The massive 20 year project is nearly at a close, and much of the work has already been completed. This includes a new roof, tower, and lots of stonework. The organ is also set for renovation, as well of course the most important thing (to us anyway!),the church heating system. The existing system is old and inefficient, and in desperate need of repair. With new pews, fabrics and interior decor, it’s vital that the heating system in working correctly to ensure worshipers and visitors are warm and comfortable in their new setting.

The local community also benefits by having a brand new community hall, which can be used for all kinds of events and gatherings.

The money has come from the Diocese as well as many generous Trusts and gifts, so it’s extremely important to the parish to raise that last £30,000 to go towards the completion of their organ refurbishment and heating installation. We wish them the very best of luck in reaching their goal.