St Lukes church,Eltham park, Completely new church heating system


The team at Church heating specialist have recently completed an entirely new church heating system installation and implementation into a stunning church in Eltham Park. This new installation not only modernised the technology and equipment in the church but also has an array of added benefits from lower costs and better emissions.
The reason for installing a new system was due to the old inefficient and ineffective system they previously had. We often see dated and old church boilers and heating sources in churches. St Lukes knew it was time to upgrade and change. This is why the team at Church heating specialist introduce an entirely new wet system into their place of worship.
The new system the team introduced into St Lukes Church consisted of the state of the art smith’s fan assisted radiators. The choice for this radiator was discussed and most suitable for the needs of the church. Our team proceeded to powder coat the radiators as requested in a colour chosen by St Lukes Church.
In addition to the new implementation of the radiators, a set of twin ideal boilers were installed, offering a 98% efficiency rate. lowering their carbon footprint tremendously, already noticed by the team at the church. 
As far as the appearance of this new system goes, all pipes have been painted in such a way that they are nearly invisible from afar. This unobtrusive system installation is going to help St Lukes Church and its heating requirements.