As we all know, the heart and soul of any heating system comes from the boiler, a great way to reduce costs and improve effectiveness is by installing a new boiler and improving your carbon footprint throughout your church. 

Although boilers take a significant part in helping reduce bills and keeping your church heating system up to date, it’s just as essential to make sure your backbone, the church radiators are up to date, serviced and as effective as possible.


Choosing the correct number of radiators and the size of them is crucial to attaining the optimal level of heat output.  Also different types of radiators produce different results.  Various factors contribute to the size, type and number of radiators in a room.  It isn’t simply a case of measuring the room,  you also have to take into account the insulation properties, the size/number of windows and the heat loss properties of the room.

Our specialist church heating engineers provide consultation, design and planning services for your church.  Through complex calculations, we can determine the correct solution for each room, provide a free quotation for the work, and take all the necessary steps to install your system.

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